Sunday, April 7, 2013

Essay Prompts for 1984

I merely googled "1984 Essay Prompts" and voila! I found some neat ones worth thinking about :)
It's as a microsoft word document, rather than link I will copy and paste (with respect to the author).
The Prompts:

1. Write an essay in which you explore HOW (examples) and WHY (what your examples prove) Orwell uses symbolism in 1984.
 2.  Some feel that 1984 had much relevance at the time that it was written, but now has very little relevance.  Write an essay in which you agree or disagree with the idea that the novel is no longer significant to our society.  Although this prompt requires you to comment and bring in examples for the modern world, the bulk of the essay should focus on the novel itself.
 3. Write an essay in which you explain whether or not Winston is a hero.  Explain your answer with a thorough definition of what a hero is and specific examples that demonstrate how Winston does or does not match the definition.

Here's the loooong link:,d.cGE

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